2014 JJA Jazz Awards Nominations Underway

The process of selecting this year's winners of the annual Jazz Journalists Association awards for jazz musicianship and jazz journalism has begun. The three hundred Professional Journalist members of the JJA can submit nominations until February 24 in these categories:

1. Lifetime Achievement in Jazz
For an enduring musical career
Previous winners are ineligible: Dave Brubeck, Benny Carter, Ornette Coleman, Roy Haynes, Andrew Hill, Hank Jones, Lee Konitz, John Lewis, Marian McPartland, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Cecil Taylor, Clark Terry, Jimmy Heath, Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter
2. Jazz Musician of the Year
For creative, productive excellence in the year 2013

3. Up-and-coming Musician  of the Year
For artists who have recorded no more than three CDs as a leader.
4. Composer of the Year
For original works heard on recordings and/or in performance in 2013
5. Arranger of the Year
For orchestrating and realizing pre-composed works in performance and/or on recordings in 2013
6. Record of the Year
For CDs, vinyl, or digital recordings recorded whole or in part during the past three years (since 2011), issued during calendar year 2013.
7. Historical Record of the Year
For CDs, vinyl, or digital recordings recorded at least 10 years ago (prior to 2003), issued during calendar year 2013.
8. Record Label/New Recording Platform of the Year
Includes record labels and other platforms for issuance and accessibility of new musical content available to the public for free or charge.
9. Large Ensemble of the Year (11 or more performers)
10. Midsized Ensemble of the Year (four to ten performers)
11. Trio or Duo of the Year
12. Male Vocalist of the Year
13. Female Vocalist of the Year
14. Trumpeter of the Year (includes cornet and flugelhorn)
15. Trombonist of the Year
16. Multi-Reeds Player of the Year
For instrumentalists who characteristically perform and record on a bevy of reeds and/or winds
17. Alto Saxophonist of the Year
18. Tenor Saxophonist of the Year
19. Baritone Saxophonist of the Year
20. Soprano Saxophonist of the Year
21. Flutist of the Year
22. Clarinetist of the Year
23. Guitarist of the Year
24. Pianist of the Year
25. Keyboards Player of the Year
Includes organ, synthesizer, harmonium, etc.
26. Bassist of the Year
Includes upright and electric instruments
27. Violinist/Violist/Cellist of the Year
28. Percussionist of the Year
29. Mallets Instrumentalist of the Year
30. Traps Drummer of the Year
31. Player of Instruments Rare in Jazz
For double reeds, brass, strings, harmonica, melodica, accordion, etc. not mentioned elsewhere on this ballot.
32. Electronics player of the Year
For laptops, samples, etc. not including keyboards, synthesizer, organ or those covered in the above categories
Awards for Jazz Journalism
1. Lifetime Achievement in Jazz Journalism
Previous winners are ineligible: Whitney Balliett, Bob Blumenthal, Stanley Dance, Francis Davis, Gary Giddins, Ira Gitler, Nat Hentoff, Gene Lees, Howard Mandel, Dan Morgenstern, Doug Ramsey, Mike Zwerin, Don Heckman, Bill Milkowski, Amiri Baraka, Willard Jenkins

2. Print Periodical of the Year
Newspaper or magazine issued in print on a regular schedule
3. Website of the Year
Edited online publication providing regular coverage of jazz by multiple contributors in 2013
4. Blog of the Year
A stream of online posts, frequently updated, by a single author in 2013
5. Best Book About Jazz of the Year
Published in calendar year 2013
6. Best Liner Notes of the Year
For a single essay annotating a released recording.  
7. Best Album Art/Album Cover Design
Identify by the album's artist, title, and label
8. The Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award for Writing in 2013
For an individual writer's body of work within 2013, in print and/or on line. May include books, articles, essays, blog posts, reviews, record annotations
9. The Willis Conover-Marian McPartland Award for Broadcasting in 2013
10. The Lona Foote-Bob Parent Award for Photography
Members of the public, as well as JJA members, can nominate works for consideration in these two categories.
11. Photo of the Year
12. Short Form Jazz News Video of the Year
How to submit a short (<10 min) video for consideration.

JJA Professional Journalist members will vote to select the winners from among the the finalist nominees.   Winners of music awards will be announced in May on this site and winners in the journalism categories will be announced at the 2014 awards gala in New York City, date and place TBA.