More JJA Jazz Awards Satellite Parties: Chicago, Nashville, Arcata CA

Just confirmed!  Jazz fans and supporters will gather in Chicago, Nashville and Arcata, California to watch and celebrate the June 11 JJA Jazz Awards.  These satellite parties are in addition to the previously announced parties in Berkeley CA, Boston, Portland OR, Seattle, Tallahassee FL and Washington D.C.

The Chicago party will be held, for the second year, at that city's legendary Jazz Showcase. This year's local honoree is drummer/composer/promoter Mike Reed. In Nashville, partygoers will gather at Rumours Wine Bar; that party will also honor new JJA Jazz Heroes Roger Spencer and Lori Mechem, founders of the Nashville Jazz Workshop. In Arcata, CA, the festivities, organized by the Redwood Jazz Alliance will be at the Robert Goodman Wines Good Taste Tasting Room

For more details about these and the other parties, see our satellite party page.